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5 creative ways to use Tapestry

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The tapestry is famous for the perfect combination of ancient and modern art, and has been exuding a peaceful atmosphere since ancient times. The unique and bold design on the tapestry is pleasing to the eye and has an absolute sense of tranquility. Not only that, it is also a powerful meditation symbol.

There are many traditional ways of using tapestries, such as wall hangings, headboards, bed sheets, yoga sheets, picnic blankets and so on.

However, this article will help you explore some untouched and unexplored ways to use tapestry, leaving a delicate tapestry by your side in a completely chic and elegant way.

1. Make a pillow

With a little effort, your favorite tapestry can also double as a comfortable cushion. Fold the tapestry to the desired size, then roll it up or pin it to fix the shape. Use it as a neck pillow next time in your free time.

2.Renew your old furniture

Transform your old sofa with a multifunctional tapestry; cover the items you want with a tapestry and secure all sides firmly with the help of pins or clips. In this way, your newly designed furniture can be displayed.

3. Make a canopy

Take the center of the tapestry, insert a ball in the center, and tie it firmly from above with a rope (or cloth rope, any boat that can float you!). Use ropes to hang the canopy under the support of poles or ceiling hooks.

4.Wear it, Flaunt it!

On sunny days, putting on a tapestry can help us create a different temperament. Put one end of the tapestry on your shoulder and wrap the other end in a circle and a half. Use both ends to tie a knot on your shoulder.

We believe in supporting meditation practice by providing customers all over the world with the best quality meditation accessories to enhance their meditation experience. Our tapestries are bright, colorful and full of positive energy, ensuring that you have the best atmosphere to start your meditation.

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