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7 common materials for curtains

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Many people have hard-installed to the end, so they start to plan the soft decoration part of the home. The purchase of curtains can be regarded as a big item. Choose carefully, because such a curtain occupies the entire wall. If it is not selected, The quality of the family has to drop by several degrees.

How to choose the material of the curtain?

The first step in choosing curtains is of course to look at the material. Different materials have different effects and the corresponding space requirements are also different.


01 Polyester fabric

Alias, commonly known as "polyester". The main advantage is that it is durable, non-sticky, wrinkle-resistant and not easy to deform. It can be said to be an entry-level curtain choice. To be honest, its disadvantage is: poor air permeability. However, when used in this breezy winter, the disadvantage is its advantage and good warmth retention.

02 Cotton fabric

Everyone knows that cotton is good for moisture absorption, skin-friendly and breathable, and the material of the clothes is very comfortable to wear. But it is not suitable for curtains. It is easy to wrinkle, deform and transmit light. The most important thing is that it is not high-grade and has a sense of cheapness.

But now there is a process that blends polyester fiber and cotton cloth, so that the advantages of the two are combined, and it is very good to use.

03 Linen fabric

It can often be seen in the Japanese decoration style full of natural Zen. Although it feels rough, it has a natural texture and a warm and simple feeling, but it is also easy to transmit light.

Tips: Custom linen is more expensive. If you want a more cost-effective one, try to buy finished curtains.

04 Silk fabric

Real silk satin sounds very expensive, the price is so high, it can not accept the light of ultraviolet rays, but it is better than good-looking, tall, it must be used with shading lining, ordinary families with ordinary decoration can not consider it.


05 Suede

Perfect with retro style! Its sound insulation and heat insulation effect are very good, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to hang dust, and it needs to be taken care of and cleaned frequently. In terms of price performance, it is a light luxury curtain cloth. Those who like texture can consider it.

06 blinds

Curtains such as cotton and linen are not very good for shading themselves, and people who are sensitive to light can choose shading curtains.

Currently there are silver-coated and black silk blinds on the market.

Silver coated ones are very cheap and are common in hotels. The slightly higher grade is black silk, which is textured, breathable and easy to clean.

07 Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are different from the whole fabric curtains, they are more interesting and shading is far from enough, but they have high value, and the upward and downward lines can also freely change the angle. Suitable for transparent open balcony and kitchen.

In conclusion

1. If you want heat resistance, heat insulation and sound absorption, cotton and polyester will be your best choice;

2. Silk and suede are not easy to take care of, and are expensive to use on a large scale. They can be used in private spaces such as bedrooms and studies;

3. If you are sensitive to light, you can consider installing blinds;

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