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About the difference between pillow fabrics

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Cushions can be divided into cotton, peach skin, silk and other cushions according to the materials they make. Cushions of different materials give people different feelings, and different people will also favor cushions of different materials. It is generally believed that peach skin cushions are soft and comfortable.

In summer, the best cushion should be pure hemp fabric. The strong moisture absorption and breathability of hemp fiber can be called air-conditioning cushion in summer. There are also more high-end silk fragrant cloud yarn cushions, even more cushions. The materials used are superb, silky and cool.

Cushions made of hemp fiber fabrics and silk fragrant cloud yarn fabrics can be used in summer, especially in the humid and humid areas of the south, which will feel more comfortable, unlike holding ordinary cotton or chemical fiber cushions, which are hot, moist and warm. 

cushion cover

cushion classification:

1. Buckwheat cushion-there is a reason

It is a natural cushion. Traditional things have been passed down, and there is always its truth. Buckwheat has a tough and unbreakable rhombus structure, and the buckwheat hull cushion can change shape as the head moves left and right, making it very comfortable to sleep. The way to clean it is to put it under the sun regularly.

2. Chemical fiber cushion-cheap but not practical

This is an ordinary cushion made of man-made fibers. Because the chemical fiber material is not very breathable, it is easy to deform and agglomerate after being used for a long time. It lacks elasticity, and the cushion presents an uneven state. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not choose this cheap but impractical cushion when purchasing cushions.

3. Latex cushions-except for the price

Latex has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, and has strong support. It is said that for children with developing bones, latex can change the shape of the head, and will not have allergens such as dust and fiber that cause respiratory allergies. Some latex cushions also have the effect of massaging and promoting blood circulation. Latex cushions are ideal cushions, but they are also more expensive.

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4. Down cushion-easy to use but inconvenient to clean

A good down cushion should use a larger down, which has better bulkiness, can provide better support for the head, and will not be deformed due to long use. And down has the advantages of light weight, breathability, and no stuffiness. Down cushions with good materials, but the disadvantage is that they cannot be washed.

5. PE elastic tube cushion-a new generation of cushion experts

The elastic tube cushion has the characteristics of anti-mildew, non-moisture absorption, light weight, good elasticity, non-collapse, peace and softness, and long service life. It is the best filling for cushions and cushions. The PE elastic tube is made of suitable materials, soft and comfortable, and will not appear stiff like traditional cushions. As the best filler for cushion cores, the anti-extrusion effect is very good, and there is no possibility of flattening.

6. Luminous cushion—follow the design and production concept of humanized and environmentally friendly products

The light source of the light-emitting cushion uses common light-emitting diodes, which are known as LED bulbs, which have no radiation effect on the human body; the high-brightness light source built in the light-emitting cushion makes the entire cushion crystal clear and radiant; the light-emitting cushion is also widely used The young people give their partners as the most romantic birthday gift and Valentine's Day gift.

7. Foam particle cushion core-the best stuff for cushion filling

Round body, silky feel, put in the cushion, have good fluidity. There are large and small sizes, white, small, round, clean liquid, light figure, pure like snowflakes, round like pearls. It is elastic, not easy to deform, soft texture, excellent air permeability, not only has strong fluidity, but also is environmentally friendly.

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