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Clever use of fabrics to add autumn to the home

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Autumn comes with a hint of coolness, it's time to put on warm clothes for the home. As long as you change the local furnishings, combine different colors and materials, and subtly divide the rooms into layers, the whole home will glow with a warm and romantic autumn mood.

Home Decoration

Strong colors replace the gorgeous summer

Regarding home decoration in autumn and winter, many designers have given some practical suggestions: In this autumn and winter, feel the simplicity and texture in pure colors, experience the strong impact and harmony of gray, black, white, and red, which can get rid of the complexity and weight. 

Red, dark blue, and yellow are all colors that brighten the space, and the light atmosphere cannot be ignored. The yellowish warm light source can immediately make the entire space quiet and warm.

Home Decoration

Carpet cushions create warmth

Carpets with infinite warmth are the best match for autumn and winter.A variety of furry carpets complement the autumn sunshine. The soft touch and fashionable colors not only add warmth to the feet, but also add a beautiful scenery to the home.

Placing a few cushions on the sofa can increase the warmth index of the room and bring people a warm reliance.

Linen curtains create an elegant room

Curtains are the most distinctive musical symbol of the home season. This year, you can abandon the saturated colors of autumn such as red, orange, and yellow, and adopt the ever elegant light linen, gray olive or brown, metallic, and rocky colors that are closest to nature. Lighter colors are more versatile and a good choice. With simple and atmospheric patterns, the curtains are layered. The interior is matched with transparent gauze such as beige to make the autumn windows full of natural warmth.

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