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Cushion decoration recommendation for leisure area or bay window

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Cushions can be seen everywhere in our home life, such as the sofa in the living room, the bedroom, the bay window or the relaxation area. It can be used to relieve fatigue in life. When it plays the role of decoration, the cushion is used to decorate the home space with colors, shapes and materials. Diversified matching methods can create different styles and atmospheres for life, so although the items are small, they can be used as a finishing touch. If you have such a cushion complex, it is indeed a good choice to decorate the space with cushions.

Here is the location of the bay window, the surrounding furniture is mainly white, and here is the leisure area, with blue and white lattice cushions, it seems casual and romantic.


The color of the cushion is derived from the background of the space. Here, the color of the background space is relatively plain, so the color of the cushion can be moderately bright and the pattern is complicated. In addition to choosing the gold and brown cushions to complement each other with the color of the carpet, the color of the wallpaper also reflects each other, achieving the unity of space.

The bay window is a place to relax, and the monochrome cushions are comfortable, casual and simple.

There is no need for too many complicated decorations. The quiet space is matched with a small cushion like a bird's voice and flower fragrance, which is simple and elegant.


The simple and elegant background color gives more space for the play of soft outfits. The blue striped cushions combined with the blue patterned cushions create a fresh and comfortable space. At the same time, the cushion pattern has something in common with curtains and bedding, making the overall space harmonious.

The space on the floor is relatively spacious, with white cushions on it, which makes the space a bit single. The mix and match of bright colors and monochromatic cushions creates a warm and comfortable leisure space.

The background color of the children's room is usually bright, and the cushions at the bay window are not different. Multicolored colors do not make the space too fancy, and multi-color can increase the liveliness of the children's room. Therefore, when choosing a cushion in the room, you should decide on the color in consideration of your own use.

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