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Details of curtain selection

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It is said that it is not easy to buy the house of your choice, but what I want to say is that it is also not easy to decorate the house. Decorating a house is the same as raising a child, it requires us to spend a lot of mental and physical effort, and most importantly, it is very expensive! Therefore, in order to save costs, we will definitely save costs in many places. But when buying some household necessities, you will be pitted more or less. How to avoid this problem is what we should learn most before decorating.

Take the purchase of curtains as an example. I think most people are not very professional. In order to buy cheap and suitable curtains, many people go to the Internet to check a lot of materials, just because they are afraid of being deceived. So today I also summarized the details of buying curtains for you, so that you can spend less money on detours.


What are the curtains made of?

Curtain is a household item responsible for shading in the bedroom. It can give you a comfortable sleeping environment every night and is one of the indispensable items in the home. Looking at the curtains are slightly thin, but their composition is not simple. They mainly include curtain fabrics, interlining yarns, curtain decorations, etc., especially decorations, which are also divided into various styles such as broken flowers and ornaments. But the actual cost is really a lot.

Next, I will also explain to you about the most common pitfalls in buying curtains. I hope I can help you.

The size of curtains should be checked and accepted, don't ignore any details.

When we buy curtains, if we choose the curtain we like, we basically give the window size of our home to the merchant, and then the merchant calculates and gives the actual size of the curtain. Generally, the curtain will have folds, so the size is generally Slightly larger. But after the overall work is completed, we generally seldom actually measure and accept it, but some businesses will make the size smaller. Although it does not affect our normal use, we have suffered a dark loss.

The curtain is folded, usually 1.5 times is enough!

As mentioned above, curtain folds will be used. At this time, curtains need to be made in more sizes. Many businesses will persuade customers to say that the more folds, the better the style. In fact, when we are buying curtains, generally the curtain is 1.5 times larger than the window size, and the actual effect is also the best.

The wrinkle problem has been researched, the following is the distance between the curtain and the ground. If you have a hard rule, then reserve it according to your needs. If you do not have strict requirements for the curtain, you will generally reserve 10cm-20cm. Too long or too short will not look good.


Curtain accessories are also generous, the price must be optimistic.

When we buy curtains, most of us only pay attention to the money of the fabric, and few people pay attention to the cost of leftovers. In fact, the leftovers are also a big deal in buying curtains. It seems that one does not have much money. After the actual settlement, I found that the price is really outrageous, especially some corner accessories and accessories, which increase the price of curtains a lot. So what we need to do is to carefully check the various expenses and don't lose money on these details.

Then there are some curtain decorations. Don't ask for them if you don't need them. These things just look good and have to fall off when they are cleaned. It really affects the overall appearance and the price is not cheap.

Ask if you are charging for installation.

When we carefully selected the curtains, each cost was our own expectation. The bargaining place was bargaining, but in the end we suffered a loss in the installation fee. Generally, merchants will calculate the installation fee separately, so when we bargain, we must include this installation fee, and don't let the merchant take advantage of the loopholes.

Summary: In fact, buying curtains is the same as buying clothes. As long as you follow your own preferences, you will definitely buy your favorite style.

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