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Environmental elements of color design of interior decoration fabric patterns

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Environmental elements have two meanings: one is the environment in which interior decoration fabrics are located, and the other is the role of interior decoration fabrics in the environment.

1. The environment of the interior decoration fabric

The "shape" and "color" of the indoor environment directly stimulate people's visual senses, thereby causing people to produce physiological and psychological reactions. People need different physical and psychological needs in different places, which requires the environment to be decorated with different patterns and colors. Family bedrooms and hotel rooms generally require a warm and cordial atmosphere. Therefore, the pattern theme is suitable for flowers and natural scenery, and the expression techniques are delicate and soft, and the colors are also gentle and coordinated; and the stage, singing and dancing and other entertainment venues , The pattern performance can be exaggerated, and the color can be jumped a little to express a joyful and enthusiastic atmosphere; the drawing room, meeting room, and film and television hall require the use of patterns and colors to make the environment wide, tall, comfortable and peaceful. ; Travel tools (buses, cabins, airplane cabins, etc.) should give people a sense of balance, safety and comfort.

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2. The role of interior decoration fabrics in the environment

Various types of decorative fabrics play different roles in the indoor environment, their decorative positions, and their use methods and forms are also very different. Therefore, they have different requirements for pattern color design.

For example, curtains like hanging curtains do not occupy a large proportion indoors, and their patterns and colors do not constitute the main body of the environment, but because the window is the junction of indoor and outdoor, it can often form a visual focus of the room, so curtain decoration Status is very important. At the same time, the curtains are hung vertically, and the height, breadth and stability of the pattern and color should be considered.

Good curtain pattern design and color configuration can make the interior produce a beautiful landscape, just like a beautiful mural; carpets are tiled in halls and interiors, and generally have a large area. The overall effect of its decoration should be "stable" "Reality" gives people a down-to-earth and stable feeling. Patterns require regularity in changes. The colors are mostly based on dark colors. Interior decoration is often based on the decorative style of the wall.

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Walls generally pay attention to the effects of bright and clean, high and stable; because small furniture such as sofas, chairs, cushions and other small furniture have the characteristics of small size, multi-directional three-dimensional modeling, and movable positions at any time, the decoration fabrics of this type of furniture are mainly decorated. It is the starting point to embellish the environment and activate the indoor atmosphere. The composition and color can be bold; the bedroom is the most humane place. The textile on the bed plays the leading role in the bedroom, which can create a warm and amiable atmosphere, and special attention should be paid Regional customs and overall supporting requirements.

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