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How many functions do you know about the cushion?

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In the past, our understanding of cushions may only remain at the viewing level. In fact, cushions have many functions. Consumers can purchase cushions according to their functions. Functional categories:

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The decorativeness of the cushion is the most basic function of the cushion, so it must be diverse, so that consumers can match and choose for their own style. For example, in some Nordic-style home environments, we should try our best to choose some plain cushions, the colors are mainly fresh and elegant, such as: Nordic blue, beige, light green, etc., the color can be compatible with The home environment is integrated and can enhance the taste of home.

Health effect

Like cushions, the material of the cushion core can also achieve a certain health effect. For example, buckwheat husk is a good natural cushion core material. Of course, you can also fill it with some herbs that are beneficial to the human body to soothe the nerves. 

cushion cover

Massage performance

That's right, in this era of rapid development of electronic equipment, how can cushions, as a common daily necessities, have no electric function? The core of the electric massage cushion is made of softer soft elastic body, and can help you massage by electrifying. If you are a person who sits for a long time to work or who likes to exercise, you want to relieve muscle soreness then this cushion is very practical.

It can be seen that cushions have more and more functions. At the same time, many DIY cushion industries have emerged. Consumers only need to choose the patterns they want to get a very personalized cushion.

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