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How many home matching skills do you know about warm winter tone?

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1. The color match

In winter, try to choose warm colors for decoration, such as pink, orange, yellow, etc. These colors can be used for wallpaper, sofa cushions, curtains, etc., to make the whole home exude a gentle temperament, visually not so cold, and look warmer. It can be seen that the color selection of warm-toned homes is particularly important.

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2. Lighting atmosphere

The quality of light determines the quality of the living space, and good lighting design can enhance the style of the space, add a bit of artistic flavor to life, and make people in this space more comfortable. When decorating, you should consider the influence of the changes in the four seasons on the home space. In terms of lighting design, combining downlights, spotlights, etc., and partitioning design, according to different usage scenarios, targeted design lighting methods can help create a more comfortable atmosphere. In winter, of course, soft lighting can create a warm atmosphere for the room.

3. Seasonal matching

Cushions are good decorations to change the temperament of the room. A few beautiful cushions can completely enhance the visibility of the sofa area. cushions of different colors with different sofas will also create a different beauty. In winter, furry doll cushions, bright colors and soft feel are the first choice.

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The choice of carpet color in winter can also use the same color system as other homes in the space. The colors of the carpet are diverse, and each color gives people a different connotation and feeling. In addition to considering the color, quality is very important. , The quality determines the texture of the carpet, whether it can be the icing on the cake for the entire home space.

For winter bedding, the most common four-piece cotton suit can no longer satisfy you in the cold winter. Retracting into a cold bed at night is even more painful for people with cold hands and feet. Then choose a four-piece velvet suit in winter. optimal.

In this cold winter, warm home furnishing can bring you full warmth.

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