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How much do you know about Belgian tapestries?

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Since the Middle Ages, Belgian tapestries have become famous. In the past, they were just huge cold ornaments on the stone walls of the castle, as a symbol of power and status. Generally speaking, the content of the tapestry will revolve around some more classic scenes in each period, such as the tens of thousands of flowers in the 15th century, and the hunting in the 16th century.

Printed Wall Tapestry

Due to the improvement of technology, tapestries have gradually evolved from hand-woven to arrow shaft looms and electronic jacquard weaving, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production costs, so that they are more widely accepted by people and decorated beautiful homes. Tapestry is also called "wall carpet", the raw materials and weaving method are the same as carpets, used for indoor wall decoration.

Today, customers pay more and more attention to the uniqueness of the home environment, and a tapestry with a unique style and a moderate size can become the finishing touch to wall decoration.

Woven Wall Tapestry

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