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How to choose a chair cushion and precautions for using the chair cushion?

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Generally, chairs of different materials are bought at home, and everyone should be aware of the role of chairs. Everyone usually wants a chair for everyone to use for work or study, so choosing a good chair is very important, and people can use it as a reception for guests. And some chairs used at home are generally, wooden chairs and construction are relatively uncomfortable, so this is a cushion to make everyone use the chair better, and then I will introduce you in detail. Click on the chair cushion.

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How to choose a chair cushion?

People who often sit on chairs for office work need to use cushions to relieve physical fatigue. Cushions are an indispensable fabric product in the bedroom. They are comfortable to use and have an irreplaceable decorative effect with other items. Use cushions to adjust the contact points between the human body and the seat and bed to obtain a more comfortable angle to reduce fatigue. Because the cushion is convenient and flexible to use, it is convenient for people to use in various occasions and environments. Common cushion styles include Chinese style, modern style, European classic, European country, and neoclassical style.

Regarding the choice of style and style, since it is only for general office use, the style is not a big problem and you can choose freely. Different styles have different elements embellishment. The elements of Chinese style include Chinese red, big red flowers, elegant and indifferent elements. With folk custom freehand brushwork and simple and modern style, the line feels, with dots, clear and decent tones.

Precautions for the use of chair cushions

1. With the popularization of mechanization and office computers, people who work in sitting positions are becoming more and more common. In order to prevent low back pain, some sedentary people often put a cushion on the car chair, sofa, or stool, and use the cushion to prevent low back pain. The cushion must be placed on the waist, it is incorrect to put it on the back. This is because there are 5 lumbar vertebrae in a normal human body. Due to physiological needs, they do not grow in a straight line, but a lordotic shape protruding forward in the middle. Viewed from the side, the lumbar spine is like a small bag with a gentle slope. Due to this physiological characteristic, the waist and back cannot be placed on the same plane.

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2. The correct sitting posture should be to raise your chest and head up. When you need to lean back on a chair, keep your waist straight, leave the back of the chair, and sit back as far as possible when sitting on the sofa. Sit your hips on the bottom of the sofa, with your back close to the back of the sofa. If you put a cushion on the waist, you can effectively support the waist, maintain the physiology of the lumbar spine, balance the pressure of the lumbar spine and lumbar muscles, reduce strain, increase body comfort, prevent and improve lumbar discomfort, and stabilize the spine. 

3. When you use the office chair cushions, please pay attention to the cushions not to be too thick. A soft cushion with a height of 10 cm is better. The facing fabrics of the cushions are widely selected. Plain cloth can also be selected. Cut your favorite patterns or interesting patterns from the fabric and sew on it, do it yourself, it is economical, decorative and strong. The inner core can be filled with sponge, foam, cotton or rags. In addition, for the thickness of the office chair cushion, it is more important that the human body presses backwards, which is exactly 5-8 cm, which is most in line with the physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine, so the thickness should be moderate, too thick will cause excessive lumbar flexion.

Here is an introduction to some related information about chair cushions. I believe you will know about chair cushions and other related information after reading it. Choosing a good chair can make everyone sit more comfortable. There are also some shadows of relatively close cities that will make everyone uncomfortable. Sometimes it will make everyone suffer from back pain. This will make everyone more annoying. If you have a chair cushion, you can avoid these problems. If you need to buy chair cushions at home, you can find out in advance, hoping to help you.

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