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How to choose curtains for new house? These collocation methods double the appearance of the living room

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The styles of curtains are gradually increasing. When they see colorful curtains, it is more difficult for people to choose. The patterns are diverse and unique, but not necessarily suitable for your home decoration style, so if you don't know how to choose curtains at home, teach you the matching skills of these curtains, so that you can double the value of your living room.

Cotton and linen curtains

Cotton and linen curtains are more casual and low-key. They are suitable for living room and bedroom use. Because the colors of cotton and linen are relatively simple, the shades of the curtains are very strong. The feeling of this fabric gives people a calm and calm feeling. A very low-key luxury and very low-key beauty, not too gorgeous colors and patterns, can give you a simple but generous and stylish home.


Yarn curtain

The gauze can filter ultraviolet rays, block the sun from exposing your furniture and floors, while effectively letting the sun warm your room! The exquisite embossing embroidery of gauze gives a low-key luxurious texture, light and elegant fabric, especially suitable for bedroom, living room, study or floating The window is used to adjust the angle of light refraction to make it soft and not glaring. Very decorative, it is a visual partition of your home, which can protect your privacy.

Flannel curtains

High-quality velvet fabric, smooth texture, positive color and higher density. The curtain has a soft feel and beautiful appearance, and is an excellent material for curtains. Suitable for living room, bedroom.


Solid color curtains

Pure color curtains are simple and atmospheric, quick and easy to install, and ordinary prices are more common people. They are very suitable for modern and simple styles and Nordic styles. They are simple and do not have too much decoration. They can not only play a role in shading, but also protect privacy.

Color block curtains

Pure color curtains are relatively monotonous in color and have a single pattern. Those who like to pursue fashionable home life can choose color-matched curtains. The two colors are stitched together, which is fashionable and looks more eye-catching, such as common cold and warm bright colors, light and dark bright colors, or two The colors are relatively similar.

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