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How to choose curtains for small apartment?

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1. Since the choice of curtain color will affect the overall color matching and space atmosphere, it is very important to choose a suitable curtain matching. So how should the curtain color be selected?

The upper and lower shades feel light, and the dark feels heavy. The color of the room should transition from lighter to darker. You might as well paint the roof and walls in light colors such as white and beige. The skirts are darker and the furniture is darker. This feels very stable.

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2. Pay attention to the sunlight facing east and north facing rooms lacking sunlight should use bright light colors. Cool colors are applied to the south and west facing rooms with long sunshine.

3. According to the color of the wall, the matching of curtains and wall colors is a kind of mutual cooperation, which can highlight the color level of the home.

4. Choose relatively simple and practical semi-blackout curtains. Such curtains are simple in style and will not have a sense of procrastination. The color of the curtains is also a light and bright ivory color. Such curtain colors can not only enhance the brightness of the entire room. And can integrate the atmosphere of the whole interior soft decoration.

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5. For those who like fabric curtains but do not like bamboo curtains or venetian blinds, small-sized living rooms can also choose curtains made of silk flannel. Curtains made of silk flannel have a certain sense of drape and Relatively light and elegant, so such fabric curtains can also create a non-heavy decorative style, which improves the sense of interior space.

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