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How to choose curtains?

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Now is an era where the internet is leading the trend. Many owners will purchase some home decorations online after the decoration. Of course, many owners buy curtains online. Today I will share with you some tips for choosing curtains, so that you don't need a designer. It can be done easily. There are several steps to choose curtains, we will introduce the following in detail:

First, choose the fabric material, that is, choose the texture of the curtain fabric. Generally, the fabric of the curtain corresponds to the material of the sofa fabric. For example, we choose the sofa or bed with fabric cotton and linen fabric, and the curtain can also choose cotton and linen fabric; If the sofa or bed is a light luxury leather sofa, our curtains generally choose some luster composite fabrics or drape velvet fabrics. In general, we can also choose to match some coarse linen materials for the Nordic style decoration. For the new Chinese decoration style, we will choose pure cotton fabrics or fine-textured cotton and linen materials, the effect is also very good. Generally, we choose semi-shading materials for the living room and full shading materials for the bedroom. The details should be determined according to personal preference.


Second, choose the color of the fabric. The color of curtains is particularly important in the later decoration of the home. Generally, the curtains of the living room should be consistent with the color of the living room wall. Generally, the color of the living room curtains is darker than the wall color of the living room. The bedroom space is relatively small, and generally the curtain color should be lighter. When the bedroom space is small and can not be used for gauze curtains, we can also make the curtains into the form of dark and light stitching to enrich the layering of the space. The color of bedroom curtains can be the same as the color of the bed or the same color as the wall. They are all beautiful.


Third, choose the craftsmanship. Few people use exposed poles for decoration nowadays. It is easy to fall off and is not good-looking. The key is that there are noises when pulling. Now most of them choose silent tracks, so there are more hook-type curtains. In addition, in a bedroom with a bay window, if the installation of a silent track does not affect the opening of the window, the curtain can be installed at a position close to the glass, which will make the room space larger, and the flatness does not affect the use of the bay window; when we compare the bedroom In hours, we made custom cabinets or bookshelves for the whole house on the left and right sides of the windows, so we would make roller blinds, which save space and look clean and tidy.

Smart homes are more popular now. Finally, if you want to install smart curtains, you must reserve a good circuit point when decorating and arranging water and electricity at home. When double curtains need electric curtains, be sure to reserve enough The width of the curtain box is 25 cm, otherwise it will not be installed later. Although there are many electric curtains that can choose to charge the motor, there is no fixed power supply for convenience and practicality.

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