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How to choose light and luxurious curtains?

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In fact, choosing curtains is very simple. Determine the material, installation location, size, and color, and you can choose the curtain that suits you.

1. Installation site

The installation location determines the shade of the curtain. If it is a living room or balcony that needs good lighting, semi-shielding curtains are generally used, which can block the direct sunlight and also play a decorative role. If it is a place where privacy is more important than the bedroom, you need to choose blackout curtains. Generally speaking, only those with a shading degree of 80% or more are called blackout curtains. Except for the “darkness” curtains with shading coatings, among fabric curtains, dark curtains have better shading properties than light-colored curtains.


2. Material

Choose curtains without paying attention to the material. Common fabric curtains on the market mainly include polyester, linen, cotton, silk and suede.

For the light and luxurious interior style, suede, especially velvet, has the advantages of bright color, soft and skin-friendly, thick touch, and outstanding drape. In addition, velvet has a unique luster, which makes the texture look more advanced. It also perfectly echoes with another classic element in the light luxury style-brass color, which is the best material choice for light luxury curtains.

3. Size

The size of the curtains is also very knowledgeable. Buying curtains is not only for shading, but also to decorate the wall, so curtains must be pleated to look good. In order for the curtains to be pleated and not bloated, you must choose a reasonable width. Generally, the width of curtains is 2 times the length of the curtain rod. For heavy curtains, 1.5-1.8 times can be considered.

When buying finished curtains, you can use this as a reference. Of course, if it is a custom curtain, these problems can be omitted. In terms of the height of the curtains, floor-to-ceiling curtains can increase the visual effect of the entire space. If you prefer a cute and fresh small space, it's another matter.


4. Color

When choosing curtains, keep in mind a few general methods. It is not easy to make mistakes with curtains.

Solid color curtains are the safest. I feel that a variety of curtain patterns are not easy to choose. Pure color curtains are the least error-prone choice. As long as the color is not too abrupt, monochrome curtains can create a simple and atmospheric effect.

The shade of the curtain follows the wall. If you have just finished decorating and the furniture has not been set, you can refer to the color of the wall when buying curtains. Nowadays, the beige and apricot walls are more common in hardcover rooms, and the curtains can be chosen in similar colors. Generally choose a darker color than the wall to make the whole wall more layered.

The shade of the curtain follows the ornament. If the furniture is fully furnished and various soft decorations are also bought, it is a better choice to make the color of the curtains and the decorations the same.

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