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How to choose room curtains? It is important to distinguish between uses!

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In your own home, the decoration is actually based on your own needs. If you decorate for good looks, you will inevitably encounter many inconveniences in your future life. In fact, choosing curtains is the same, the role is first, and then to find the right curtains to match the overall style.

In fact, the main function of curtains at the beginning is shading. When most people fall asleep at night, they are used to a dark environment to improve sleep quality. When you wake up in the morning, you need a softer light environment. So, heavy blackout curtains are what you need. The general blackout curtains are also biased towards dark colors, so consider the overall collocation in dark colors.


The room still needs to be ventilated. Not seeing the sun all day is actually not a good thing for our body. So in the design, the designer will also take this into consideration. Generally speaking, behind the heavy blackout curtains, lighter gauze curtains are also used. During the day, while protecting our privacy, it also floods our room with light.

Friends who love sunshine, white is a good choice when choosing curtains for their rooms. On the one hand, the white background color can be matched with many different patterns, and a small and refreshing feeling suddenly hits the face. On the other hand, white can better let the light in. The moonlight at night is also unimpeded into the room. Charm. The material does not need to be too thin, nor does it need to be very heavy. Too thin curtains are useless, and too thick to lose their original meaning.


The choice of curtains is related to the quality of our sleep, and it also determines the overall layout of our room is an important existence. Choose practical ones and choose different styles according to our own preferences, so that we can have a perfect home.

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