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How to hang wall decoration cloth?

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Wall decoration cloth can be hung according to the following points:

1. The hanging cloth should first choose a good location, and an open and eye-catching wall is the first choice. Avoid hanging on the corner or wall with heavy shadows.

2. The height of the hanging cloth depends on the decoration. Generally, the height and area of the decoration should not exceed one-third of the cloth, and the main performance points of the cloth cannot be blocked.

Wall decoration cloth

3. The height of the hanging cloth should be controlled. The height of the hanging cloth is controlled for the convenience of appreciation. It can be operated according to the actual situation such as the size, type and content of the cloth:

1) Hang the cloth according to the "golden section line". The horizontal position of the cloth product's "golden section line" 1.4m from the ground is the best position for hanging the cloth;

2) According to the height of the homeowner, the center of the cloth should be 100~250mm higher than the height of the homeowner's eyes. This height does not need to raise or lower the head, it is the most comfortable height for viewing the cloth.

Wall decoration cloth

Extended information:

Note for wall hanging decoration cloth:

The hanging cloth can adopt the expansion bolt method. No matter how hard the wall is, it can be fixed. It can be fixed with expansion bolts by drilling an eye with an electric drill, so that the load bearing is the best, and the nail opening is relatively regular, not like a nail, and it is easy to nail the wall , And for some concrete walls, nails cannot go in.

Mirror lines can also be used, hanging lines or decorative ropes, chains, etc. can be suspended from the ceiling, and then decorative paintings, photos, etc. can be hung up. It is convenient to move or change the position without nailing.

You can also use non-marking nails to penetrate the wall through a few small steel needles, and the marks left after removal are relatively slight, which is suitable for hard walls.

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