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How to maintain the tapestry?

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Tapestry is also called "tapestry". The raw materials and weaving method are the same as carpets, which are used for indoor wall decoration. Our country has a long history of tapestries. The tapestries are decorated with landscapes, flowers, birds and beasts, people, architectural scenery, etc., and can be expressed in art forms such as Chinese painting, oil painting, decorative painting, and photography. Large tapestries are mostly used in public places such as auditoriums and clubs, while small tapestries are mostly used in houses and bedrooms.

wall tapestry

How to clean and maintain tapestry?

1. Generally, tapestry cannot be hung directly on a glass frame or wall with wallpaper. It should be hung at a distance of 4 inches from the wall to effectively prevent moths or other pests from stopping on it.

2. Generally, the wall tapestry should be cleaned once every two years. When cleaning, use a round soft brush. Do not use too much force. Wipe gently on the surface to avoid damaging the tapestry surface.

wall tapestry

3. Depending on the tapestry material, the cleaning method is also different. Some can be washed slowly in the washing machine, and some cannot be machine-washed. Please choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the material before cleaning, otherwise the product will be damaged after cleaning.

4. If the tapestry is made of wool, it is recommended to add some silk wool to the water, soak it for ten minutes and then gently rub and wash it. This cleaning method is an effective protection for the tapestry.

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