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How to match the green in the Nordic style? Learn these skills to make the home green

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When you have worked hard and carefully decorated, you have selected the sofas, coffee tables, curtains and other items in the home. After finishing the decoration, you find that there is still something missing in the home. After thinking about it, you will find that there is a little green that symbolizes vitality in the home!

When it comes to green, it is actually a very healthy and vibrant color. You don't need to render, just choose a small part as decoration, you can make your home decoration more vibrant.

Every time you look at the Nordic style decoration, there will be so many large pots of red and green plants in the living room without exception, and even some curtains and cushions have these green plant leaf patterns. These green plants are inseparable from the overall appearance of the Nordic style. But why it's all green, the blogger's home is art, but you can't make it. Instead, the style of painting has changed suddenly, and it has become a farmhouse in seconds? That is because you have not mastered these matching skills!

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1. Nordic green plant painting + log photo frame

Good tapestry can reflect the taste of a space, a refined and elegant space, combined with fresh Nordic green plant decorative paintings, enrich natural light and add greenery. Paired with the timeless log frame, there is a kind of unmodified beauty, not delicate and natural, the frame and the green plant painting are embellished with each other, simple and beautiful. The perfect combination of green plant decoration paintings and log frames adds a touch of green and vitality to your home~

2. Green plant element cushion + gray sofa

So to pretend to be Nordic, what kind of cushion should be placed on the sofa, which can be artistic and beautiful without a sense of violation? Green plant cushion is your best choice. No matter how inconspicuous the corner of the sofa is, with the decoration of the green plant cushion, it instantly enhances the appearance.

The gray sofa meets the green plant cushion at home, and there is an inexplicable simple elegance and high-level sexy.

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3. Green plant placement + log home

The living room is connected to the balcony, the sun is shining, and placing some green plants can not only improve the quality of the home environment and absorb some harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the air, but also the green plants represent hope. The home environment dotted with green plants is full of Vigor and vitality.

If green plants can make a home come alive, then logs + green plants are completely an ideal home living environment. The warm texture and natural texture of carefully selected high-quality log furniture, combined with the vitality and vitality of green plants, can be described as a match made in heaven. In a simple and simple depiction of the warmth and comfort of spring, it is like being in it.

4. Green geometric stitching + tiles

The all-green tiles seem to be eye-catching in the past, and it is easy to break the harmony of the kitchen. At this time, the geometric splicing elements and the neutralization of gray + green tiles perfectly solve this problem. Naturally carved, fresh and natural tones, splicing elements can be said to be the first choice for home decoration that is highly respected by the public today, creating a natural and comfortable kitchen space.

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5. Green elements + curtain fabric

Generally speaking, if you choose green curtains in the home environment, generally do not choose too fresh green, but choose light green, yellow-green, etc. Because the area of curtains is generally large, too fresh green will affect eyesight for a long time and easily cause visual fatigue.

This kind of light green curtain can embellish the gray space, not only can be used on the bay window, but also can be used in a separate cloakroom, used in the bedroom, saving the cost of installing sliding doors, it is convenient to use and beautiful.

In terms of the overall color of the bathroom, white light colors should be used for large areas, and bright colors and heavy colors for small areas can be used for embellishment. Only in this way can it look simple and light, and the use of large-area green plant curtains, matched with bright-colored tiles, gives it a natural atmosphere.

The small green area is used as a whole to give people a feeling of simplicity, tranquility, close to nature, and no exaggerated and imaginary design. After all, for the minimalist or even somewhat cold ins Nordic style, maintaining "vibrancy" is an eternal topic.

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