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How to remove the dirt on the pillowcase?

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Method 1: Pour the white vinegar into a basin, put the cushion cover in it and soak it for half an hour, then soak it in water with laundry or laundry detergent; after it is fully dissolved, scrub the cushion cover, rinse and dry it. If there is too much dirt on the cushion cover, it is recommended to soak for a while, preferably changing the water every twelve hours.

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Method 2: When we find a little stain on the cushion cover, we can clean it with rice water. Because the cleaning power of Taomi Shui is not so strong, but it is not irritating to human skin.

Method 3: Most of the dirt on the cushion cover comes from sweat and oil secreted by our scalp, which are oxidized on the cushion cover. Our shampoo can remove the oil on the scalp, so washing the cushion cover with shampoo could not be better.

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Method 4: We soak the cushion cover in 3% medical hydrogen peroxide for half an hour, then rinse it in a solution with blue indigo, and finally wash it to make the cushion cover white as new. But it should be noted that washing cushion covers must be washed with cold water, hot water washing will only become more yellow.

Method 5: Dilute the air oil essence and apply it to the dirt on the cushion cover, soak it for a period of time, and then combine it with washing powder, liquid detergent or soap to clean it, and the dirt can be easily removed.

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