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Precautions for washing cushion

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Precautions for washing cushion. Generally speaking, most cushions are best washed by hand. If you really want to use a washing machine for washing, you must choose a gentle washing method during the washing process. If there are more cushions to be cleaned, you can add a towel to the washing machine. During the cleaning process, the towel can balance the water flow for cleaning the cushion, so that the cushion can be washed more cleanly.

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Reasonable drying

After cleaning the cushion, if there is a dryer at home, it is best to use a drying method to dry the cushion. Drying the cushion with a dryer can restore the original elasticity and bulkiness of the cushion. If there is no dryer, be sure to put the cushion in strong sunlight for adequate drying.

Down cushions need to be dry cleaned

Many families use down cushions. If it is a cushion of this texture, do not wash it with water. If the down cushion is cleaned directly by washing, the down inside the cushion will easily agglomerate and the fluffy performance will be reduced. If the down cushion is really dirty, it is best to take it to a dry cleaner for cleaning.

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Latex cushion to avoid exposure

After cleaning the latex cushion, never put the latex cushion directly under strong sunlight for exposure. Otherwise, the latex cushion is particularly prone to oxidation and deformation. The best way is to place the latex cushion in a ventilated and cool place for air-drying after cleaning the latex cushion.

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