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Three head cushions, which one do you prefer?

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The pace of life of contemporary people, every time before going to bed, many people have to swipe their mobile phones to read news or friends circle or something. If they lie down and swipe their mobile phones directly, it is not good for eyesight, and it is very uncomfortable to hold their hands. The cushion, which is a design to relax and comfortable before going to bed.

Putting a cushion on the head of the bed makes it appear that many bedroom beds will have such a design. In the material of the cushion, cloth, solid wood and leather art are common. Among these types of bed head cushions, each has its own advantages. , Let's introduce some separately below!

cushion covers

1. Fabric bedside cushion

Personally think fabric cushions are a more comfortable choice; but they are not resistant to dirt, but when you lie in the bedroom, you usually take a shower, so except for families with dust or children, fabric bedside cushions Still no problem.

cushion covers

2. Leather art bedside cushion

Leather art bedside cushions are relatively dirt-resistant and more comfortable, but the leather cushions will surprise you if they lean up suddenly in winter, so I don't like this.

cushion covers

3. Solid wood bedside cushion

The solid wood bedside cushion looks primitive and natural, but if the bedside cushion is placed directly on it, the comfort is average. Usually, pillows or the like are used, which is not convenient and comfortable.

Generally speaking, the bedside cushions of fabric and leather art will be more comfortable when they are leaned up.

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