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Tips to avoid sleep disturbed by light: add blackout cloth to curtains

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A good sleeping environment can greatly improve our sleep quality. In order to avoid our sleep being disturbed by external light, it is necessary for us to add a blackout cloth to our curtains to help us create a dim environment suitable for sleep.

How to add blackout cloth to curtains? Curtain shading cloth is based on traditional curtains with opaque or thicker fabrics to achieve basic control of light and achieve shading effect.

1. How to add blackout cloth to curtains

(1) If the curtain rod is a single rod and you don't want to change to a double rod, you can install a layer of yarn to stick to the current curtain fabric; if it is replaced with a double rod, it will have a better decorative effect.

(2) If the curtain rod is a double rod, in the case of considering changing to a double rod, you can add a layer of yarn separately and hang it.

2. How to install shade cloth curtains

(1) First measure the actual size of the window, measure the fixed hole distance, and the size of the track to be installed, and then determine the actual spacing and distance required.

(2) The curtain track has single, double or three points. If the width of the window is greater than 1200 mm, please note that the track of the curtain should have a broken position to facilitate subsequent installation.

(3) Rotate the clip 90° to make it fit the track, and then install it on the top plate with screws.

(4) Fix the curtain rod, and the position should be consistent with the elevation of the room. Just install the shade cloth curtain with the measured size.

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