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Upgrading your sofa with a cushion to chase drama time, double the comfort of your home

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In home decoration, sofas and other furniture are indispensable hardware configurations, which play a major functional role, but to enhance the decorative interest of the entire space, home cushions are definitely a great contributor that cannot be ignored. It can make the entire home environment more spatial and hierarchical, as an ornamental decoration, highlighting the warm and comfortable home atmosphere.

The color pattern, number arrangement and placement position of home cushions will affect the atmosphere and visual effects of the overall environment.

cushion covers

1. Color pattern

Although the volume of the cushion is small and does not take up regional space, it often becomes a supporting role that shines in the perspective of the space due to its diverse color patterns. Under normal circumstances, in the choice of color and shape, the most reliable way is to use the same color system to coordinate the decorative effect. Of course, if you admire freedom of personality and love liveliness, you can also choose two or three different color patterns or materials to match cushions.

2. Quantity Arrangement

As an embellishment of regional decoration, cushions are not as many as possible, just two or three. It can be arranged reasonably according to the overall home style, personal preferences and living habits when placing it. It can be placed symmetrically or asymmetrically. However, it should be noted that the placement should not be too random, causing a messy visual effect; nor should it be too regular and uniform, making the space heavy and depressing, lacking flexibility.

cushion covers

3. Placement

Throw cushions are the most common in the sofa area of the living room, because a sofa alone will look too monotonous. With a few cushions, it not only increases the comfort of the sofa, but also makes the home environment look more pleasing. In addition to the sofa in the living room, we can also place cushions that match the bedding style on the bedroom bed, or small and cute shaped cushions, which will make the bedroom look more warm and energetic.

Other leisure places in the home, such as balcony lounge chairs, bay windows, tatami mats, children's rooms, etc., can be put on cushions or cushions, allowing you to enjoy leisure time more comfortably.

The fluffy and soft cushion, with its own stress-relieving energy, will feel extremely warm and at ease when you hold it in your arms. Don't hurry up and buy a few for your new home!

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