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What are the key points of home furnishing design for fabric curtains?

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There are many fabric decorations that can be purchased when the family is doing soft decoration. Of course, when buying fabric decorations, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to. Let's take a closer look at it and hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Points for purchasing soft cloth art:

1. Choose a household market that is satisfied with consumers or has reliable after-sales service.

2. Choosing fabric jewelry is mainly the choice of color, texture and pattern. When choosing the color, it is necessary to determine a main color in combination with the overall style of the home decoration and the color of the furniture, so that the overall color and beauty of the room are harmonized. Appropriate fabric decoration can add color to the home, but random stacking will be counterproductive.

3. The choice of fabric texture should also be unified with the function of fabric jewelry. For example, you can choose gorgeous and beautiful fabrics for the living room, smooth and soft fabrics for the bedroom, and strong and washable fabrics for the kitchen.


4. For hanging cloth decorations like curtains, drapery, wall hangings, etc., the area size, vertical and horizontal dimensions, colors, patterns, styles, etc., must match the room space and elevation scale, and a sense of balance must be achieved in the visual sense.For larger windows, they should be decorated with curtains with wide openings, close to the ground or floor-to-ceiling; in small spaces, they should be decorated with fabrics with fine patterns. Only large spaces can choose fabrics with large patterns losing balance.

5. For bed fabrics, you must choose pure cotton fabrics. Pure cotton fabrics absorb sweat and are soft, which is good for sweat gland breathing and physical health. It also has a soft touch and is easy to create a sleeping atmosphere. In addition to the selection of materials, efforts should also be made in the selection of colors and patterns. Small bedroom spaces should be decorated with natural and imaginative striped cloth, which will extend the bedroom space; light color furniture should choose light pink, pink green and other elegant floral fabrics; for dark-toned furniture, dark green, dark blue and other colors are the best choice.


6. The laid out fabrics such as carpets, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc., should be in harmony with the size of the indoor floor and furniture, and a sense of balance and stability between the floor and the bed should be maintained. The ground is mostly in a darker color, and the tablecloth and bed cover should reflect the size and color contrast with the ground. The color and lightness pattern below the ground should be used to achieve a harmonious unity in the contrast.

7. In the overall layout of the living room, cloth decoration should also echo and coordinate with other decorations. Its color, style, meaning, culture, etc. should be unified with the interior decoration style.

Cloths with strong colors and complicated patterns are highly expressive, but they are difficult to match, and are suitable for spaces with luxurious style; light-colored, bright chroma or simple patterns can set off a modern space. In an interior with Chinese classical style, it is best to use fabrics with traditional Chinese patterns to match.

8. The material, specification, quantity, price, amount, etc. of the fabric must be indicated on the invoice and contract. Understand important information such as the name, address, contact person, telephone number of the distributor or manufacturer so that quality problems can be resolved in time.

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