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What are the main sofa cushion fabrics?

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What are the main sofa cushion fabrics? There are mainly the following types: plain weave, linen, genuine leather, various (velvet, gem velvet, suede) flannel, high-grade woven fabric.

Chenille sofa fabric

General Chenille sofa cover fabric will give people a more high-end and luxurious feeling. The suede of the chenille sofa cover fabric is relatively plump and feels very comfortable. However, the chenille sofa cover fabric also has its disadvantages, that is, the price is more expensive, and the chenille sofa cover fabric is difficult to care and clean after it gets dirty.

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Plant fiber sofa fabric

The emergence of plant fiber sofa cover fabrics has largely met people's needs for environmental protection of sofa cover fabrics. Moreover, the plant fiber sofa cover fabric is very natural and environmentally friendly, and the plant fiber sofa cover fabric also has the characteristics of sweat absorption, breathability, toughness and affordable price. But sofa cover fabrics like this kind of plant fiber are more suitable for summer use.

Wool sofa fabric

The fabric material of woolen sofa has been deeply loved by consumers due to its low price and cost and various styles and colors. And because of the various styles and styles of woolen sofa cover fabrics, you can match your home decoration style when choosing. Wool sofa cover fabric is plush sofa cover fabric. And woolen sofa fabric can also be customized, which is one of the most popular fashionable sofa cover fabrics on the market. Wool sofa cover fabric material is more suitable for winter use.

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Linen sofa fabric

Among sofa cover fabrics, linen sofa cover fabric is also a relatively environmentally friendly sofa cover fabric. Everyone knows that baby mats are made of linen used in cities. It can be seen that the fabric of the linen sofa cover is soft and healthy. And compared to other materials of sofa cover fabrics, linen sofa cover fabrics often give me a natural and simple feeling, and the natural color of linen sofa cover fabrics is also very flavorful, especially suitable for modern minimalist and Chinese-style decorating rooms . And this kind of sofa cover fabric is also used more in summer.

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