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What is decorative fabric?

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Decorative fabrics refer to decorative materials such as silk, cloth, woolen cloth, carpets, etc., which are made by weaving process using fiber yarn or thread as raw materials. Due to its soft and comfortable feel, rich colors and beautiful patterns, fabrics can become the finishing touch for rendering the interior atmosphere if they are used properly in architectural decoration projects.

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1. Types of commonly used decorative fabrics

Commonly used decorative fabrics are divided into the following types according to the parts of use:

(1) Carpet

It is a ground paving material made of animal fibers (wool fibers and silk fibers) and plant fibers (linen fibers and cotton fibers, etc.) through production processes such as weaving. Its rich patterns, textures, colors and patterns can set off a comfortable, soft and beautiful indoor atmosphere.

(2) Curtains, curtains

Install fabric products hung on the windows to block sunlight exposure. It has the function of dividing space, shielding light, and preventing dust from entering the interior. By opening the curtains, the brightness of the indoor light can be adjusted freely, thereby shaping or changing the atmosphere of the indoor decoration.

(3) Fabrics covered by furniture and furnishings

It mainly refers to the decorative fabric that can cover and protect the furniture and furnishings, which can prevent the abrasion and dust of the furniture and furnishings from entering people, and adjust the indoor environment atmosphere. Decorative fabrics mainly include bedspreads, tablecloths, sofa towels, piano covers and other coverings.

(4) Other fabrics

Wall hangings, wall coverings, screens, etc., processed by weaving or knitting techniques, or printing and dyeing, printing and other modification methods. The patterns are rich, the artistic atmosphere is strong, and the decoration is good.

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2. Decorative fabric products

Common decorative fabric products include carpets, tapestries and wallpapers, wall coverings, etc.

1. Carpet

The carpet is soft and elastic, has strong heat preservation and sound absorption, and has the characteristics of beautiful patterns and strong decoration. It is an excellent floor paving material.

2. Tapestry

Also known as artistic tapestries, they are artistic decorations hanging on the wall. The tapestry has many specifications, rich appearance, gorgeous colors, beautiful patterns, themes, and strong decoration. Tapestry is generally made by artificial weaving method. 

3. Wallpaper, wall covering

Wallpaper, wall cloth, also known as wallpaper, wall cloth, is a decorative fabric product that is pasted on the wall with an adhesive when in use.

The material is soft in texture, rich in patterns, washable, and easy to construct. It is widely used on bedroom walls in homes, hotels, and hotels. It can well shape the atmosphere of the indoor environment and achieve a fresh, elegant, warm and peaceful artistic effect.


It is a decorative fabric material made of paper or foam plastic as the base layer, and the surface layer is made of natural fiber materials such as grass, hemp, wood and so on. There are many kinds of wallpapers, strong three-dimensionality, rich patterns, roll packaging, and easy construction.

(2)Wall covering

It is a decorative fabric material made of natural fibers such as cotton and linen and chemical fibers as raw materials through non-woven molding, resin, printing and other processes. The materials are rich in patterns, packaged in rolls, simple and convenient in construction, non-toxic and harmless, and are mainly used in the walls of high-level architectural decoration projects.

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