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What is the difference between a pier and a pouf?

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Christie's auction house defines the pouf as a small padded stool. According to its definition, the pouf can be used as a pouf or sometimes for storage. The style is based on similar items found in the Ottoman Empire.

The Oxford Living Dictionary of Oxford University Press says that a cushion (or a cushion, not a cushion) is a padded pouf or a low stool without a backrest, and its origin is France. According to the New York Times, the ratio and firmness of the piers may vary, and they can be used as temporary commode chairs (especially in small spaces or limited chairs), poufs or even side tables.


Therefore, in terms of function, the pier is very similar to the pouf. Both are variants of low stools that can be used as poufs. Using them as extra seats or as side tables may be more modern uses, but both can serve these purposes (especially in small spaces that require multitasking furniture). Many poufs can also double as hidden storage space. The hollow center can be used to organize blankets, games, books, etc., while the pedestal usually has no storage space.

The two are mainly different in appearance. Ottomans are almost always harder without cushions, and some cushions are more like oversized cushions. Some poufs have their feet raised slightly, while most pedestals lie flat on the ground. Larger low stools can easily be used as coffee tables, but most poufs are too small to do so. (Foot cushions are often larger than cushions.) The shape can be round or square. A good rule of thumb is to call anything that looks more like a cushion than a table as a pouf, and anything that looks more like a table as a pouf.


How do you choose between a pier and a pouf?

Consider poufs in small spaces that require some color and some extra seating. These compact objects have a bohemian atmosphere and are very suitable for use in casual leisure spaces. For a more formal space, look for an ottoman, which can be used as a companion product for a pouf sofa, as a coffee table, or as part of a dialogue area. Depending on the material and brand, the price of a cushion stool may be cheaper than that of an upholstered stool, but this usually means that no matter what purpose the furniture is intended for, the surface of the cushion is smaller.

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