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What is the role of the color of the cushion?

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The color of the cushion can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom. When the overall tone of the room is relatively simple and single, the cushion can be made of bright colors with higher purity, and the bright color blocks formed by the cushion can activate the atmosphere. If the color in the bedroom is bright and rich, you can consider using a simple gray series of color cushions to mediate and coordinate the indoor color.


The size of the sofa cover towel and other cover towels should be suitable, and it should not be too large to cover the beauty of the furniture. Some wooden countertops themselves are clean and simple, with great texture and beauty, and they are covered with drapes and become snake feet. In short, the choice of mask should be adapted to local conditions. It can be used boldly if it has decorative and embellishment effects. If it does not have decorative effects or even affects the overall beauty, it is not suitable to continue.

Large-area fabrics such as curtains and bedspreads should be as consistent as possible in the choice of colors, patterns and materials, and should be echoed in the production of styles. Do not have lace curtains, other designs with straight-edged bedspreads, and a flower-shaped mesh sofa, etc. This kind of room decoration makes people feel as if they were picked from several places and put together. It can be seen that the use of interior decorations, uniform patterns and styles are essential.


When choosing the color tones of these large-area fabrics, consider the contrast of the background colors such as walls and floors. Under normal circumstances, the tone of these fabrics should be elegant and soft. If the background color is relatively plain, the color of the fabric can be moderately brighter, and the pattern can be more complicated to create a warm atmosphere. On the contrary, the color of the fabric should be chosen to be stupid to use a unified atmosphere. In short, the specific color of the fabric should be selected in combination with the overall environmental tone.

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