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What kind of fabric is good for curtains?

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1. Cotton and linen curtains

Advantages: good moisture absorption and breathability, soft luster, simple and natural appearance.

Disadvantages: lack of elasticity, easy to wrinkle after cleaning, easy to shrink and lose shape, and fade quickly.

2. Polyester curtains

Advantages: waterproof and oil proof, non-toxic and cool, strong in light resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

Disadvantages: poor moisture absorption, air permeability, and dyeing performance.


3. Flannel curtains

Advantages: soft hand feel, strong drape, chemical reaction between dye and fiber, strong color fastness.

Disadvantages: strong suction power, heavy and difficult to clean.

4. Plastic aluminum blinds

Advantages: good shading effect, easy to clean, suitable for installation in the kitchen.

Disadvantages: Can not block mosquitoes. Although there are more colors on the market, the aesthetics are not as good as traditional fabric curtains.

5. Wooden curtains (also divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, reed weaving, rattan weaving, etc.)


Advantages: strong decoration, good air permeability, can show style and taste, natural and simple.

Disadvantages: opaque, high price, bamboo curtains are prone to mold, and reed curtains are prone to insects.


Advantages: elegant and light, beautiful and cool, good moisture absorption.

Disadvantages: no shading, easy to wrinkle when shrinking, and easy to fade.

Summary: For the selection of curtain fabrics, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these fabrics in advance, which will be more helpful for purchase.

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