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What role does fabric play in home furnishing?

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Why talk about cloth?

Because it's hard to imagine that there is no cloth in a complete living space! A real home must have its soft parts, and the more complete the family, the more soft parts they have. They need to consider their hard-working body needs a comfortable rest atmosphere, and they need to consider the children and young grandchildren. 

In addition, another reason is the soft outfit experience from the West. Most of our domestic experience in interior design, especially soft decoration design, comes from the West, especially countries that lead design such as France, Italy, Britain and the United States. It is not difficult to see from various cases that the use of fabrics in all aspects of life can bring the best of life to us.

Then, what is the role of "soft power" fabrics in home furnishings?

Home fabric

Cloth art refers to some textiles that use cloth as the main material through artistic processing to achieve a certain artistic effect and use conditions to meet the needs of our lives. It can be a curtain or a lampshade. No matter the size, some decorative products made with cloth as the main material are fabric ornaments. Therefore, in the world of soft clothing, it is omnipotent, especially the private house that pursues warmth and comfort. Its existence has a more gentle meaning.

First of all, in home furnishings, no element is more plastic than fabric. It can be made into wall coverings, sofas, carpets, cushions, or make it an ingenious tablecloth scenery on the dining table. Fabrics with soft curves can strengthen the style we want to express through excellent fabric textures and patterns, creating an atmosphere where art and sentiment coexist.

Home fabric

Secondly, we all know that hard decoration decorations cannot be disassembled after landing. Disassembly means destruction. Even the replaceable parts, such as wall panels, floors, and furniture, are more troublesome, and the cost and cycle are relatively expensive and Long. The cloth art is different. If you don't like the walls, the curtains are broken, the cushions are tired, the carpets do not match the new taste, or to meet the needs of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and different festivals It can be replaced with a new cloth.

Finally, the fabric can also play a specific functional role such as heat preservation, sound absorption, noise reduction and privacy protection, I believe I don't need to repeat it.

It is often said that the more people who pursue the quality of life, the more they will care about some touches in life. These touches, like the clothes worn on the body, and the bags held in the hands, really express our taste and attitude towards life.

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