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Which is the best material for the sofa cushion?

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Nowadays, there are many decorations on sofas, and they are no longer bare. Many people will put cushions on the sofa, so that in addition to increasing our comfort, it can also play a good protective role for the sofa, so we can see this decoration in many families. Which material is better for sofa cushions on the market? Next, let's take a look at the relevant information about sofa cushions and take everyone to know five kinds of sofa cushions.

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1. Sofa cushion-cotton sofa cushion

The cotton material is a material that many residents will use. It has a very delicate feel, and the material will not pilling. When we sit on it, we will feel very comfortable. However, this material is similar to plush. Compared with the materials, the price will be much cheaper, and the cost performance is also very high. The comprehensive fabric is suitable for use in winter.

2. Sofa cushion-plant fiber sofa cushion

The second material to be introduced is the material of plant fiber. It has been loved by many consumers as soon as it was launched. It has very good environmental performance, has good breathability and toughness, is not easy to break, and the ground is non-slip. The gauze has a very good anti-slip effect, is easy to shape, and the price is very affordable. The most used cushions in summer are plant fibers.

cushion covers

3. Sofa cushion-linen sofa cushion

The material of flax is very similar to the skin of our human body. It has a good effect of regulating temperature and can also protect the skin of the occupants. It has very good hygiene, can absorb moisture and emit heat. It is also known as It is the "fiber queen among natural fibers".

4. Sofa cushion-plush sofa cushion

The price of plush material is very low, and the styles on the market are also very rich now, which is a kind that consumers like very much. It can also customize a kind of sofa cushion that they like according to the style and color of their own room.

5. Sofa cushion-sponge sofa cushion

Sponge material is also widely used in our daily life. It has certain requirements in the thickness upstream, about 2.5-6.5 inches, and a high-resilient sponge with a density of at least 30kg. It is a sponge plus a spring. The structure is usually filled with a cloth bag spring, and its surface is covered with a layer of 1 inch sponge, plus full duck feather filling. The full sponge cushion is generally to ensure the surface softness, and it will be bonded to the sponge surface with a thickness of 2 inches. The spray-coated cotton is suitable for use in winter.

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