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Why should you choose tapestries instead of hanging pictures?

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Most homeowners focus on decorating their homes with photos, hanging paintings, sculptures and other handicrafts. Tapestry is something they often overlook. However, tapestries are one of the most elegant and unique wall decorations you can find.

For centuries, tapestries have been used for home decoration. Kings and nobles will get custom-designed tapestries to suit their preferences. They are hand-woven and very expensive. Eventually, with the development of technology, tapestries began to become affordable, which made almost everyone buy it to decorate his house.

Why should you choose tapestries instead of hanging pictures?

1. Tapestry has different sizes

You can choose the appropriate size tapestry according to the size of the wall. You can get tapestries suitable for walls of all sizes. Not only will you get something that covers the walls, you will also get something truly unique.

2. Tapestry can be suitable for any theme

Tapestry comes in various colors, designs, patterns and fabrics. Regardless of your home decoration theme, you can find the perfect one. In fact, even if you have painted your house and purchased the rest of the furniture, you can still buy tapestries. However, when it comes to painting, you can't always get the right thing. Sometimes, you may even need to remake the theme based on the painting.

3. Tapestry has different fabrics

According to the theme of your home, you can choose a tapestry made of suitable fabrics. There are cotton tapestries, wool tapestries, linen tapestries, and even tapestries made of silk. Sometimes, gold and silver threads are woven in tapestries to make them look elegant and luxurious. In the case of hanging paintings, you cannot expect the same.

4. The tapestry has a wider audience

Once you hang a beautiful tapestry on the wall, regardless of their background or age, you can expect it to immediately attract the attention of visitors. They will only look at it with surprise and awe. However, hanging paintings are usually only appreciated by art lovers and art lovers.

5. The tapestry is easy to transport

Although it may be difficult to move hanging paintings from one place to another, tapestries can be easily transported. All you need to do is take them out, roll them and transport them. They cannot be broken or damaged like hanging paintings.

6. Tapestry is versatile

There is no hard and fast rule that the tapestry must be hung on the wall. You can use tapestry in many ways. Some such uses include:

Curtains: You can reduce the light entering through the windows by sticking tapestries to the windows.

Picnic blanket: You can use the tapestry alone or use it to make a waterproof picnic blanket. This will protect you from husky wet grass.

Bed: Spread tapestries on the bedspread to enhance the beauty of the bedroom. Thin cotton brocade will be very comfortable to sleep on. In addition, since they are usually larger in size, they can be adjusted to fit any size bed.

Headboard: Hang the tapestry behind the bed or fix it on the headboard to provide an excellent headboard for your bed.

Canopy: If you happen to share a room with your roommate, you can turn the tapestry into a gorgeous canopy and create some private space for yourself.

Tablecloth: Spread the tapestry on the table to make a beautiful tablecloth. Your guests will be surprised.

In addition, you can even use the tapestry as a blanket. You can also hang it on the ceiling to make your room comfortable and warm.

If you are more creative, there are other ways to use tapestries. For example, if you have too many stains on your sofa, cover it with a tapestry. You can use it as a background for parties, wedding celebrations, or photo shoots. If an old tapestry can no longer be used as a wall hanging, you can cut it out and use it to make a cushion cover. You can even make your own upholstery with tapestries. If you are creative, you can think of more ways to use tapestries. However, paintings are just for hanging on the wall as decorations.

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