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What are the best tips for cleaning curtains?

Cleaning curtains can often be a difficult process. Not only are curtains often bulky and heavy, but they are sometimes difficult to remove from their housing rods. In order to achieve the best results when cleaning curtains, they should first be examined in order to make sure that they are fit to b

2022 02-28
What kind of curtains are suitable for bay windows

What kind of curtains are installed for bay window curtains? If there is a bay window in the bedroom, it can indeed greatly increase the light in the house. Moreover, the bay window itself is also an area. Not only can people read books in the bay window, but it is also a good choice to lie there li

2022 02-25
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What are the Pros of Thick Curtains?

There are a variety of advantages to the use of thick curtains, and some of these will depend on the climate a person lives in and his or her own preferences. Curtains that are fairly thick can help keep sunlight from passing through the curtains and entering a room, keeping the room darker than li

2022 02-13
Upholstery cloth popular and unique expression technique

Upholstery cloth popular and unique expression techniqueWith the broadening of people's artistic vision and the continuous pursuit of individual fashion, higher requirements have been placed on the patterns of decorative fabrics. Recently, the popular pattern styles and expression methods of decorat

2021 12-15
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Application elements of traditional Chinese graphic elements in the color design of interior decoration fabric patterns

Application elements of traditional Chinese graphic elements in the color design of interior decoration fabric patternsChinese traditional cultural elements symbolize peace, auspiciousness, reunion, broadness, etc., and symbolize all beautiful things. The famous buildings in our country, such as the

2021 08-27
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How to clean different curtains?

How to clean different curtains?How often is it appropriate to wash the curtains? Usually twice a year.1. The curtains should be cleaned every six months. Do not use bleach when cleaning, try not to dehydrate and dry, and air-dry naturally, so as not to damage the texture of the curtain itself. It i

2021 04-19


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