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What material is good for the sofa cushion

What material is good for fabric sofa cushions? Sofa is a must-have household item in every family, and no house can be decorated without a sofa. Things like sofa cushions are all soft outfits. In addition to taking care of the visual aesthetics, you must also consider the convenience of cleaning in

2022 03-14
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Cushion decoration recommendation for leather sofa

The black leather sofa, matched with cushions with black and white patterns, makes the space mature and stable, and the color is not jumping or unassuming, which is in line with the use of a simple and quiet living room.The same is also a dark leather sofa, the overall color is white, so that the ma

2022 02-23
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To protect the lumbar spine, the selection of cushions should start from four aspects

When a person is sitting, the strength of the lumbar spine is twice that of standing. If the body is tilted forward 20 degrees, the pressure on the lumbar spine will increase to nearly three times. It can be said that sometimes sitting is more tiring than standing. If you want to reduce fatigue when

2022 01-21
Five most popular cushions on ins in 2021

1. Savvydeco tufted decorative pillowcase, 18×18 sofa bed pillowcase with 2 soft cushion coversHigh quality and easy to insert: Made of the best quality invisible zipper, inserts can be inserted and removed easily. The zipper is longer than 35 cm, making it easy to place the pillowcase. Sofa pillowc

2021 02-24


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