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What are Blackout Curtains?

For some people the thought of blackout curtains conjures up images of air raids, and imposed black out conditions during World War II. What may have begun as a safety device so that house would show no light and become a target for bombers has evolved into something quite different. Many people now

2022 03-17
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How to remove mold on the cushion?

If you like outdoor decoration, chances are you have a series of vibrant outdoor cushions to decorate your front porch or backyard courtyard. Colored cushions add comfort and vitality-but at the same time, they are also vulnerable to various factors. If your outdoor furniture cushion has withstood t

2022 03-08
What kind of curtains are suitable for bay windows

What kind of curtains are installed for bay window curtains? If there is a bay window in the bedroom, it can indeed greatly increase the light in the house. Moreover, the bay window itself is also an area. Not only can people read books in the bay window, but it is also a good choice to lie there li

2022 02-25
The difference between soundproof curtains and ordinary curtains

The difference between soundproof curtains and ordinary curtainsNoise-proof curtains are different from ordinary curtains. Nowadays, many families pay special attention to the problem of noise pollution when decorating, especially the houses facing the street. It is easy to hear the whistle of cars

2021 11-08
Home fabric curtain maintenance skills, come and learn

Home fabric curtain maintenance skills, come and learnWith the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for home decoration and decoration are increasingly pursuing artistic style. As an essential element in home life, fabric curtains are becoming more and more popular in modern fa

2021 04-23
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How to clean different curtains?

How to clean different curtains?How often is it appropriate to wash the curtains? Usually twice a year.1. The curtains should be cleaned every six months. Do not use bleach when cleaning, try not to dehydrate and dry, and air-dry naturally, so as not to damage the texture of the curtain itself. It i

2021 04-19
How to choose curtains?

How to choose curtains?Now is an era where the Internet is leading the trend. Many owners will purchase some home decorations online after the decoration. Of course, many owners buy curtains online. Today I will share with you some tips for choosing curtains, so that you don’t need a designer. It ca

2021 03-29
What are the main functions of curtains?

What are the main functions of curtains?1. Adjust the lightUse curtains to adjust the indoor light, daylighting or shading as needed. For example, darker light is required for work and brighter light during study. At this time, multi-layer curtains or the angle of venetian blinds can be used to adju

2021 03-26


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