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How to transform your small terrace into a comfortable place to relax

Every space in the home is worth making full use of. You can use your small terrace or balcony to do some special things. In fact, with these techniques, you can turn your outdoor space into a comfortable resting place in one day!1. Personal OasisA small terrace or balcony does not mean that you can

2022 03-01
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What are the Pros of Thick Curtains?

There are a variety of advantages to the use of thick curtains, and some of these will depend on the climate a person lives in and his or her own preferences. Curtains that are fairly thick can help keep sunlight from passing through the curtains and entering a room, keeping the room darker than li

2022 02-13
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What kind of fabric is good for curtains?

What kind of fabric is good for curtainsWhich curtain fabric is better?1. Cotton and linen curtainsAdvantages: good moisture absorption and breathability, soft luster, simple and natural appearance.Disadvantages: lack of elasticity, easy to wrinkle after cleaning, easy to shrink and lose shape, and

2021 12-17
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You can't go wrong with modern light luxury curtains like this

You can't go wrong with modern light luxury curtains like thisModern light luxury style is the first choice for many families. It looks quite structured and makes the atmosphere of the home very strong. The curtains are the finishing touch to the new home. Choosing the right curtains can better high

2021 07-12
How to choose curtains?

How to choose curtains?Now is an era where the Internet is leading the trend. Many owners will purchase some home decorations online after the decoration. Of course, many owners buy curtains online. Today I will share with you some tips for choosing curtains, so that you don’t need a designer. It ca

2021 03-29


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