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How to transform your small terrace into a comfortable place to relax

Every space in the home is worth making full use of. You can use your small terrace or balcony to do some special things. In fact, with these techniques, you can turn your outdoor space into a comfortable resting place in one day!1. Personal OasisA small terrace or balcony does not mean that you can

2022 03-01
To protect the lumbar spine, the selection of cushions starts from four aspects

To protect the lumbar spine, the selection of cushions starts from four aspectsWhen a person is sitting, the strength of the lumbar spine is twice that of standing. If the body is tilted forward by 20 degrees, the pressure on the lumbar spine will increase to nearly three times. It can be said that

2021 10-20
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Six household items that enhance happiness

Six household items that enhance happinessPushing the door and slumping into the soft sofa, unloading the armor and venting the whole body, simplicity, comfort, and security are the only truths of the family. The living consciousness is awakened, and the decoration concept must keep up! Instead of f

2021 09-27
cushion covers.jpg
How to match the sofa pillow to look good?

How to match the sofa pillow to look good?The sofa is one of the essential furniture at home, of course there are so many comfortable pillows on the sofa. But the sofa and pillow also need to be matched well! Otherwise, it would be weird to think about putting a super cute kawaii pillow on an elegan

2021 06-09
cushion covers.jpg
Pillow in daily life

Pillow in daily lifeWhen everyone is watching TV at home, especially girls, they always like to hug a pillow, which seems to be more comfortable and safer. There are many advantages of pillows. In addition to soft touch, what are the advantages of pillows?Let's start with the decoration of the pillo

2021 05-31
cushion cover.jpg
There is no emotion that cannot be cured by a cushion? Four principles of cushion space matching

There is no emotion that cannot be cured by a pillow? Four principles of pillow space matchingThe pillow is really a good and comfortable thing with a universal healing system. In film and television works, you can always see the heroine holding a big soft pillow and chatting with people, or the fam

2021 05-21
cushion cover.jpg
Cushion making materials and making tutorials

Pillow making materials and making tutorialsPillow making materialsThe materials for making handmade cloth cushions and pillows include: light-colored linen, yellow-green floral fabric, decorative ribbons of different colors, pillow cores, scissors, sewing machines, etc.Pillow making tutorial1. Cut

2021 05-21
cushion cover.jpg
What does the cushion do?

What does the cushion do?The cushion is an indispensable fabric product in the bedroom. It is comfortable to use and has an irreplaceable decorative effect with other items.The role of cushionsUse cushions to adjust the contact points between the human body and the seat and bed to obtain a more comf

2021 05-10


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