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How to choose a sofa cushion cover?

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The sofa cushion cover is a complementary product of the sofa. A good sofa cushion cover placed on the sofa will make the whole home look more full and warm. The price of the sofa cushion cover is not very expensive, how to choose the sofa cushion cover that matches the sofa?

1. Choose the color style of the sofa cushion and cover. The color style of the sofa cushion and cover produced on the market can be said to be a variety of colors. There are solid colors and various patterns embroidered. Choose the sofa cushion, as long as you have a standard in your heart, you can choose the one that suits you. When the indoor color is richer, it is best to use a more uniform, concise, and elegant color and style. This will not make the indoor environment appear cluttered. If the indoor environment is relatively simple, choose a sofa cushion cover at this time to use contrasting colors with strong impact, or even exaggerated patterns. This will activate indoor colors.

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2. The material of sofa cushion cover is mainly divided into inner material and outer packaging material. The inner materials generally include sponge, cotton, hollow cotton, etc. These materials are fluffy and soft, and you should choose your own comfort and adaptability. The outsourcing materials generally use plain cotton, twill cotton, velvet, satin, nylon, canvas, etc. The choice of outer packaging must not only match your own comfort, but also match the overall style of the sofa. If the outsourcing of the sofa is more detailed, don't choose too rough fabrics.

3.The shape of the sofa cushion cover is best to choose square, round, oval, avoid triangles, diamonds and asymmetrical shapes. At present, sofa cushions and covers are generally mass-produced standard types by manufacturers. If you like other personalized ones, we can customize them according to the shape you specify.

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4. The size of the sofa cushion cover cannot be smaller than the size of the sofa. If you are not sure what size sofa cushion cover you want, you can measure the size of your own sofa before buying. Choose the sofa cushion cover that suits you, and decorate a warm home, why not do it? When choosing, not only must look at the color, material, shape and size of the sofa cushion cover, but also choose a suitable one price. 

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