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What are the classifications of cushions?

What are the classifications of pillowsAccording to application scenarios1. Sofa pillowThe pillow used when sitting or lying down on the sofa is also used to decorate the sofa of one's own home. When watching TV, chatting, or resting on the sofa, a soft and comfortable pillow can give people a parti

2021 03-05
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How many functions do you know about the cushion?

In the past, our understanding of cushions may only remain at the viewing level. In fact, cushions have many functions. Consumers can purchase cushions according to their functions. Functional categories:

2021 03-03
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Savvydeco home fabric brings you a quality life

Quality life is everyone's lifelong pursuit. We who live at a fast pace don't seem to have time to calm down to feel and experience. When it comes to improving the quality of life, the choice of home environment and home products is especially important. Through the transformation of the family environment, to enhance their sense of satisfaction, this is what everyone needs. Regardless of whether it is a cushion that accounts for a very high proportion of home decoration, or the curtains used to shade and enhance the color of the room, they all seem so important in home life.

2021 03-01
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These clever lap desks, cushions, lamps and accessories can set a work area on your sofa

No space for a home office? These clever lap desks, pillows, lamps and accessories can set a work area on your sofaDue to COVID-19, the current global self-quarantine orders have all come into effect, and most of us are trapped at home because local officials demand shelter-in-place orders to flatte

2021 02-28
Pouf that can relax you immediately

After a hard day of work or study, relaxing at home is a sacred thing, so it is necessary to do it in the best way. In order to achieve this goal, there is no need to have a huge living room or other spacious bedrooms. The most basic factor is knowing how to organize a quiet and comfortable corner, which allows you to get a mini oasis at home.

2021 02-26
Five most popular cushions on ins in 2021

1. Savvydeco tufted decorative pillowcase, 18×18 sofa bed pillowcase with 2 soft cushion coversHigh quality and easy to insert: Made of the best quality invisible zipper, inserts can be inserted and removed easily. The zipper is longer than 35 cm, making it easy to place the pillowcase. Sofa pillowc

2021 02-24
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5 best cushions of 2021 for you to work at home

Not everyone has a dedicated home office space, but many of us are still trapped working from home. If your restaurant can't have a fully ergonomic office chair, you should at least do everything possible to make the chair more comfortable. With a separate seat cushion, it can be relatively economically upgraded to any chair, thus providing you with a softer sitting posture without the need to buy a new bulky chair.

2021 02-22


With professional design and good service, our core products are cushions, wall hanging tapestries, curtains and blankets. We are trusted by our clients around the world. We are working hard towards our vision - and we are all excited about it!

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