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What are the classifications of cushions?

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According to application scenarios

1. Sofa cushion

The cushion used when sitting or lying down on the sofa is also used to decorate the sofa of one's own home. When watching TV, chatting, or resting on the sofa, a soft and comfortable cushion can give people a particularly warm feeling, and make your guests feel close to their own home.

2. Car cushion

One of the main uses of cushions. Put your favorite cushion in the loose and pleasant car, which can let you enjoy the feeling of home during the long journey, and it also gives your car a sense of incomparable agility. Like other small accessories, cushions have become an indispensable element to decorate your car. The cushions used in the car are usually small, so it is better to activate the space.

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3. Bed cushion

The decoration of some small and lovely beds with lovely and exquisite cushions will be more energetic and make users feel more warm and comfortable when sleeping.

According to practical functions

1. Health cushion

Adding various traditional Chinese medicine and other physical therapy materials to ordinary cushions can achieve a certain health care effect. cushion covers selected for health-care cushions are usually safer and have strong ventilation performance, and are also used for medical treatment and prevention.

2. Electric massage cushion

Vibration massage cushion for strengthening the body and relaxing the muscles and meridians. It is designed to solve the problem of muscle fatigue caused by backache and thigh pain after long-distance driving by car drivers, or people after intense exercise. The new electric massage cushion includes a coat, The inside is filled with a soft elastic body, and a vibration device is arranged in the soft elastic body, and the vibration device is connected to an electric plug arranged outside the outer jacket through a wire. It is divided into two categories: household and car.

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3. Decorative cushion

Decorative cushions, as the name suggests, are decorative cushions. Compared with other common household cushions, decorative cushions have more of a decorative effect, which can adjust the color, enhance the perception of visual space, or use color matching to help restore The designer's needs for space design. At the same time, its original passive functions such as waist protection and embrace are relatively weak.

4. DIY cushion

For the more popular types, buy a cushion of the right size, and then use your dexterous hands to create your own most comfortable and favorite patterns and creations, and hold the cushions made by yourself in the car or on the sofa. It is novel and high-end . DIY cushions are more and more popular among the public because of their feasibility and personal preference.

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