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Cushion making materials and making tutorials

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Cushion making materials

The materials for making handmade cloth cushions and cushions include: light-colored linen, yellow-green floral fabric, decorative ribbons of different colors, cushion cores, scissors, sewing machines, etc.

cushion covers

cushion making tutorial

1. Cut the fabric needed to make the cushion.

2. Use a pen to draw rows of neatly spaced dots.

3. Sew the decorative ribbon to the light-colored linen cloth according to the wave pattern.

4. Use the other two colors in conjunction with the first ribbon and sew onto light-colored linen.

5. Cut a piece of light green floral fabric.

6. Sew two pieces of cloth together.

7. Fold the edge of the wavy line into a small side to sew the edge.

cushion covers

8. Cut a light-colored linen cloth and fold and sew.

9. Sew the light-colored linen cloth strip and light green floral cloth together, put the folded decorative ribbon in the middle, and sew together.

10. Sewing edges on both sides.

11. Tuck the edges around the fabric in front of the cushion.

12. Then sew the buttons on the cushion fabric.

13. Sew the front fabric and the back fabric of the cushion together, sew the flowers on the corner of the cushion, and put it into the cushion core. This is complete.

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