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Key tips to maintain the shape of the leather pouf

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Do not use hard brushes, such as scrub brushes and coarse brushes. These will leave deep destructive scratches on your pouf, which are difficult to remove later.

Use a dry microfiber cloth and wipe it regularly to remove dust or dirt collected due to use.

When you happen to have any kind of sticky residue on the pouf, try to wipe the affected area with an eraser. Or if you are dealing with something more powerful. Go to your local press and ask to use some leather-friendly solvent to remove it.


Before using any leather cleaning product, test it on a small spot that is not normally visible (the bottom is probably the best). Remember to avoid cleaning products that are not recommended for leather.

Do not put pouf near any heat source. This will prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.

To ensure that the color of the pouf will not fade, please keep it away from direct sunlight, but make sure to ventilate it from time to time.

When cleaning, use leather conditioner several times a year. Note that people sit down and raise the top of their feet. Conditioning several times a year will keep the leather soft and supple.

It is definitely a good idea to use your pouf as a casual table for tea or coffee. However, be sure to put a small towel or cover the lid first to avoid overflow and keep the heat of the cup away from the leather.

Leather has pores, and excessive water use can cause stains that are difficult to remove. So, avoid soaking your pouf with water and soap!

To keep your leather free from scratches and deep scars, don't let your pet sit on it, because their paws will scratch the leather.

If you use Pouf as a footstool, be sure to take off your shoes, as any buckles, buckles and metal will also damage the leather.

Over time and use, your pouf may begin to sag, causing the leather to wrinkle. To avoid or alleviate this problem, make sure to fill the inside properly so that it looks great on the outside.

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