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Encyclopedia of all kinds of blanket cleaning and maintenance

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1. A woolen blanket

Wool blankets are blankets made from wool as raw materials. Because wool has good air permeability, an air flow layer can be formed between the gaps between the fibers under the wool surface, so it provides an ideal constant temperature when the human body sleeps. Wool blankets help improve the quality of human sleep, have good warmth retention, have a certain curative effect on patients with rheumatism and arthritis, and can alleviate the condition.

How to wash woolen blankets?

(1) The woolen blanket is soft and elastic, feels plump and has good warmth retention, but these functions will be destroyed after washing. What should I do? The best way is to choose dry cleaning or hand washing. Do not use a washing machine to wash, as this will easily cause distortion, and the softness and cold resistance will also be reduced.

(2) When cleaning, you only need to soak and knead. After repeated many times, the desired effect will be achieved. However, it should be noted that the brush cannot be used. The effect of using the brush and the washing machine will damage its lines and reduce The service life of wool blankets.

(3) Just press gently during washing. In order to prevent the wool blanket from getting old, you can add a few drops of vinegar to the washing water, which can effectively prevent this from happening!

(4) You can choose to dry the woolen blanket after washing. If you don't have a dryer, you can dry it on the pole. Keep it flat and put it in a cool place. It is not recommended to use a hanger to dry it, which is easy to deform.

(5) What should I do if there are wrinkles in the woolen blanket after washing? You can lay a wet towel on the wrinkled area and lightly iron it with an electric iron, and the wrinkles will disappear!

2. Raschel blanket

Raschel is the best quality acrylic blanket. The Raschel fabric itself is also a kind of acrylic. It is comfortable, breathable and warm. It is named after the Raschel weave, so the special Raschel weave, Makes the blanket thicker and tighter without deformation. The Raschel blanket feels smooth and delicate, keeps warm and breathable, has bright colors, does not shed hair, and does not fade. It looks beautiful and practical.

How to wash Raschel blankets?

Raschel blankets should be washed with warm water to avoid affecting the softness of the blankets; detergents such as laundry detergent can be used directly, but bleach water should not be used; after soaking in water for a period of time, you can use your hands or feet to gently rub it. It can achieve the effect of removing dirt and dust; avoid deformation, no need to wring out, just dry directly to ensure the softness and elasticity of the blanket.

3. Coral fleece blanket

The coral fleece blanket is made of one of the latest and best-selling fabrics among the international textile fabrics. Coral fleece blankets are named because of their strong water absorption, comfortable breathability, warmth and softness, light and soft body like living coral, and colorful colors. Coral fleece is fine in size, does not fade, is easy to dye, has contact flexibility, and feels soft and delicate. However, coral fleece blankets have a little hair loss, and patients with skin allergies and asthma should avoid using them.

How to wash coral fleece blanket?

Machine washing: first roll the blanket into a mesh bag and put it in the washing machine; use general detergent and wash at room temperature, do not rinse with water; dry naturally after cleaning, do not use tumble dryer, do not iron.

Hand wash: first pour warm water into the container and add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent; then put the blanket in the container soaked, and then gently scrub the blanket again after a period of time to wash out the stains in the blanket and remove the sewage; Rinse it with clean water repeatedly, squeeze out the water, and finally dry it in a cool shade, do not expose it to the sun.

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