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What should I pay attention to when buying tapestry decorations?

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Consumers who have tapestry decorations in their homes must be very tasteful and attentive people. Consumers who know a little about tapestries will know that tapestries are not only beautiful and elegant, but tapestry maintenance requires careful care. So, how to buy tapestries? Be sure to pay attention to the material when buying tapestries. There are many kinds of tapestries on the market, such as wool, artificial wool, plant woven, etc. We must fully understand the characteristics and characteristics of these materials. First of all, the material of animal hair is generally warmer and softer, and it is not easy to shed and shed hair. The artificial wool is not necessarily, the tapestry of artificial wool is relatively easy to shed hair. The tapestries of plant woven fabrics generally feel more rigid, so it is generally recommended that you choose the first two materials that are relatively more suitable. For consumers who like tapestries, the material is especially important.

Woven Wall Tapestry

When buying a tapestry, you must pay attention to measuring the size of the placement, because when we buy a tapestry, if we don't pay attention to measuring the size, buying or selling the tapestry will affect some of the actual decorative effects. It is recommended that you think about it before buying the tapestry. Reserve the space and measure the prepared numbers, so that the tapestries you buy are of the right size, and the decorative effect of the placement can be fully reflected.

When choosing a tapestry, pay attention to the details of its use according to its placement. Generally, you are advised not to expose and wash the tapestries frequently. After all, frequent cleaning will affect the life of the tapestry. In addition, it is best to dry the tapestry in the sun after cleaning and put it away in time to prevent insects. Moth, and it is recommended that everyone is best to sprinkle some insect-proof mothballs and so on.

Woven Wall Tapestry

Matters needing attention

Tapestry should not be hung directly on the wall of the wallpaper, or hung on the glass frame. It should be installed at least 4 inches from the wall to prevent moths and other pests from stopping on it.

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