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What kind of curtains are suitable for bay windows

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What kind of curtains are installed for bay window curtains? If there is a bay window in the bedroom, it can indeed greatly increase the light in the house. Moreover, the bay window itself is also an area. Not only can people read books in the bay window, but it is also a good choice to lie there listening to music and looking at the white clouds in the sky and the leaves on the ground. Many otaku otaku pay more attention to the decoration of the bay window. Many people are willing to install curtains on bay windows. You know, the choice of bay window curtains directly affects the style of our entire bedroom. Let's take a look at what curtains are installed on the bay window today.


1. Bay window curtains should be selected according to the type of window. Generally, large windows should choose curtains composed of several individual curtains. Each curtain can be fastened on its own, using a continuous soft curtain track between the curtains, then one is connected to the other. Hang a curtain on the illuminated glass and add a curtain between the bay window and the room. When the windows are small, it is recommended that people use Roman curtains or lifting curtains.

2. When choosing curtains, please choose according to the height. At the same time, most people like to use vertical curtains on windows, but it is not very suitable for windows. More and more designers believe that Roman curtains are more suitable for bay windows, because vertical curtains will cover part of the light when closed, and closed curtains may not be neat, which will affect the overall beauty. One side of the Roman shade will be nice, even if it is gathered together, it will be a relatively neat layer, very beautiful.


3. The color choice of bay window curtains is also very important. The color of the blinds should be consistent with the overall home color. The color should not be too bright, because curtains play a very important role in protecting our privacy. If the color is too bright, it will cause excessive attention, which will be counterproductive.

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