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What are Blackout Curtains?

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For some people the thought of blackout curtainsconjures up images of air raids, and imposed black out conditions during World War II. What may have begun as a safety device so that house would show no light and become a target for bombers has evolved into something quite different. Many people now advocate the use of blackout curtains as practical, energy saving, and perhaps noise-reducing window coverings.


A standard curtain may block some light, while others are sheer to partially sheer. Lining almost any type of curtain fabric with very tightly woven material can change the way it works. Provided the curtain can be hung so it covers all parts of the window, it may almost completely block out light. Some companies claim they block out about 99% of the light that would ordinarily flow into the window.

The light blocking ability could be a great choice for people on unusual schedules. Those who work graveyard shifts and sleep during the day tend to sleep much better if they're not being exposed to daytime light. Blackout curtains might be the perfect solution, and they don't have the hazards of some shades, which may over time degrade and not work as well.


There are plenty of people who advocate green living that recommend blackout curtains too. Since they block light, they may help keep a room from warming to the same degree, and when used in winter, they might help keep heat in. There are many different claims about the energy saving percentages that might be attributed to these curtains. Yet they clearly do provide some insulation, which may save money and energy.

Lastly blackout type curtains may reduce noise. This might help on high traffic streets, or again for anyone who sleeps during the day. It could also be assumed that blackout curtains may reduce noise getting out. Those who live in close living environments (like apartments) might find this extra privacy a bonus.

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