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Cushion is the biggest standard to measure the taste of home accessories

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The sunlight penetrated the bedroom, as if ushering in a grand garden story, the cat and bunny became the focus of attention. The cushion of childlike elements adds a touch of liveliness to this, and the soft blanket makes the room surrounded by warm current. Extensive use of fabrics slows down the rigid lines of the space and makes the atmosphere delicate and soft.

The cushion is the big boss in furnishings. It depicts summer love with colorful colors, quirky styles, and vigorous patterns, telling innocence and legend. Flick the strings and enjoy the free will of leaning against it in the graceful notes.

cushion cover

"Dream" is the favorite style of little women, symbolizing youthfulness and tenderness. Purple is embellished with new ideas, and the combination of pink and white creates a dream of angels falling into the world. Your love words at night will all pass into the keen ears of animals. With the addition of a cushion, people will inevitably turn around and reminisce about the ignorant love in childhood and youth.

In addition to flowers, cakes, and flower-inlaid tableware, the cushions are an indispensable decoration to embellish the exquisite tea time. While adding highlights to the environment and adding the plot, it is permeated with fresh romantic feelings like a girl's age. The combination of light yellow, fruit green and pink is still sweet and enjoyable.

cushion cover

The changeable colors and patterns of the cushion can cater to different home styles. Under the white brick wall with simple decoration and single tone, the presence of paintings makes the vision jump, and the elegant design and color cushions such as English letters reflect avant-garde and vitality. The cushion no longer appears here as a supporting role, but an important soft decoration, the finishing touch in the home.

Polka dots are a pattern from the 1970s, highlighting a strong retro charm. Using polka dots and pop cushions to decorate the sofa brings a sense of humor and aesthetic interest and is also a good way to change the season for the living room. Breaking the dullness of the overall gray and white tone will not appear impetuous, vividly depicting the image of a fashionable rebellious and childlike little master.

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