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What are the characteristics of cotton and linen curtains?

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The characteristics of cotton and linen curtains are introduced. Cotton and linen products have attracted much attention recently. Not only have cotton and linen materials emerged for dressing, but also a large number of cotton and linen products have appeared in home fabrics and household items. For example, for curtains, many people have also targeted cotton and linen materials. So, how about curtains made of cotton and linen, and what are their characteristics?

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Introduction to the characteristics of cotton and linen curtains:

1. The curtains were originally designed to cover the wind and the sun, in order to create a relatively comfortable and safe residence. Especially if someone at home does not sleep well, it will be easily affected if there is sound and light. Now there is a cotton and linen blackout curtain on the market, which is thickened on the basis of traditional curtains. The product is thicker and can achieve light resistance. Basic control. If you are hesitant between cotton and linen curtains and blackout cloths because of the shading effect, it is recommended to choose cotton and linen curtains. Shading cloth can only play a basic shading effect, but the air permeability is much worse than that of cotton and linen curtains.

2. The feeling of being disturbed by noise is believed to have been experienced by many people, and relevant research data points out. 90% of the external noise in the residence comes from the windows. If you choose a good quality curtain, you can reduce the external noise by 10%-20%. Among curtains of various materials, fabric curtains have a very good sound absorption effect, among which thick cotton and linen curtains are effective.

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3. The linen used for the cotton and linen blended curtains is linen. This natural plant fiber has very good breathability and moisture absorption. The temperature is generally high in summer, the light is too strong when the curtains are not drawn during the day, and the curtains are closed and worried about being too boring. You don't have to worry too much about this problem when installing cotton and linen curtains. The natural breathability, moisture absorption, and moisture removal of flax make cotton and linen curtains an accessory that can breathe freely.

Because the color of cotton and linen curtains is relatively simple and elegant, stains will be more obvious, especially when the curtains fade after washing, and the decoration will be weakened. Therefore, if you choose this kind of curtain, you must always pay attention to keeping the curtain clean to reduce the possibility of frequent cleaning.

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