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The hottest indoor trends of 2021

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After a year of lockdown, we are all rethinking the space at home in an unprecedented way. From taking care of full-time work and homeschooling, to the frustration of vacations, our experience of staying at home for most of 2020 has influenced design trends in the coming years.

In this blog, we will help you master the 4 biggest indoor trends of 2021. Read on to find out which main products you need to buy to get the look and how to choose the perfect blanket to match each new style.

1. Green Wall

Green interior design will be very popular in 2021. After a year of interior design, decoration schemes that feel connected with nature are popular. Valspar reports that searches for green paint shades have skyrocketed, with a 300% increase in "forest" and a 250% increase in "sage" in recent months.

Bedding Set

Science shows that just looking at green things can lower your heart rate and reduce stress, so painting the walls green is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to bring this calming shadow into your home.

Blanket matching: Use a printed fabric blanket with a whole plant pattern to add fun.

2. Earth neutral

Beige is back, it's not boring at all! For some time, gray has been the main neutral color for interior decoration. Although we still like gray, when adding new blankets to our product line, we increasingly prefer softer earthy neutral tones.

Don't be afraid to layer together several warm neutral tones, from oatmeal and linen to terracotta and sand. Everything is very comfortable and easy to live in.

Blanket matching: Break the beige with geometric patterns and printed blankets, and add a little black to avoid the neutral look of the mud.

3. Natural materials

The most comfortable rooms make people feel warm and comfortable. Natural materials such as wood, linen, sisal and wool immediately create a down-to-earth atmosphere. As they grow older, they also become more beautiful, adding a timeless and authentic mood.

Rattan furniture is so popular that online searches have increased by 809% in the past 12 months. It is a versatile indoor/outdoor option for those who want to spend more time in the garden but don't have space to store special outdoor furniture.


Blanket matching: woven rather than printed blankets are most suitable for this look.

4. Home office

The mandatory homework during the lock-in period has had a knock-on effect on the way we design and organize spaces in our homes. Few people provide dedicated space for their new home office, but design solutions that create the illusion of independent space to promote work-life balance are very important.

Blanket matching: Add style to your desk with plants, colorful artwork and comfortable knee blankets.

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